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VULCANICA was born from a simple yet so brilliant idea : the music and the desire to show their creativity and passion are in the heart of every man. Tools , equipment , techniques , technologies and places do not count ; what counts is the individual, his heart, his intention. Rhythm is in the breath, in the beating of a heart, in a race. And this is what makes each member of VULCANICA a musician. The language is direct and gets to the heart without compromise, in an unique way. The “hard” and metallic sound of a bin but also the magic of bells and dishes , the warmth of wood, the dark and powerful force of a kick drum, and more ; the movement, the voice, everything is an inspiration for VULCANICA , everything makes music ; the instrument is the person and the orchestra is the group. Its creator , Mario Zimei , has built this project around real people that can express themselves. In VULCANICA everyone finds his own way and his own space of communication , creating a magic that has not changed during the years : people grow , change , come and go but the strength of VULCANICA seems to survive and grow with every difficulty and every change. After 22 years the energy , freshness and the power stay still , grow and live within VULCANICA.

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