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Sand Art


Nadia always loved the world of art, gathering emotions from surrounding landscapes and savouring every aspect of life. She grew up learning how to appreciate the little, simple and natural things in life.
Ever since she was young, She has always loved drawing. She went to art college and then continued in the field of illustration and graphic publicity.
Her love for the purity of nature, combined with a great passion for drawing attracted she to sand art, an essential form of expression and story-telling.
Great merit and thanks must go to a dear friend of her and fellow artist, Carlo Truzzi , who believing in her style and instilling faith, permitted she to create and develop new creative and expressive techniques, thus cultivating a beautiful partnership with great synergy.
The sand project begins here: without any tricks or post production retouching . Without compromise. Hands are the only means necessary by which these stories can be told with feeling.
The images that appear are elusive, romantic and extremely evocative. Fingers like paintbrushes outline shapes and forms that are animated and transformed in a few brief moments.

Playing with music, gestures, darkness and light, it is possible to create emotion, poetry, amazement and magic.

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