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Natasha Stefanenko


Natasha was born in Sverdlovsk, Soviet Union, the daughter of a nuclear engineer who worked in a secret unnamed city underground, close to the Ural Mountains and accessible only by a special train that travelled 30 kilometres an hour. She lived with her family in a closed city and they also owned a dacha beside a lake.
Natasha was also a swimming champion who swam with Alexander Popov; when she was a young girl she swam 10 kilometres a day.
In 1984, she almost joined the Soviet Olympic swim team, but preferred to continue with her education. At the age of 16, Natasha went to study in Moscow where she eventually earned a degree in Metal Engineering.
After winning the Look of the Year contest in Moscow in 1991, Natasha, who is roughly 6 feet tall, moved to Milan, Italy where she obtained work as a model. After being discovered in a restaurant by director Beppe Recchia, she made her first television appearance on the variety show, La grande sfida, alongside host Gerry Scotti, without being able, at the time, to speak the Italian language.
She commenced her acting career with the cinematographic film La grande prugna in 1999. She played the character Angela Cornelio, one of the protagonists in the television series Nebbie e delitti (Fog and Crimes), which aired on Rai Due from 2005 to 2009. She has also hosted many programmes, including the 2001 edition of Festivalbar, which is an annual series of televised summer concerts performed by both Italian and international pop groups in town squares throughout Italy; and Italia's Next Top Model in 2009. In the same year 2009, she had a role in Mediaset Canale 5's police drama series, Distretto di Polizia 9 (Police District 9). Since 2007, she is also a host of Russia's TV show "Snimite eto nemedlenno" which is based on the British programme What Not to Wear (UK). She speaks Italian, Russian, English.

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