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Francesco De Carlo


If you are in Italy and you want to see some stand-up comedy in English, you cannot miss this show. Award-winning Roman comedian and radio personality Francesco De Carlo will be your comic guide on a journey through politics, love, sex, food, and other Italian specialties. Whatever you think about Italians, he will make you change your mind.

His observations on Italy’s relationship with foreign visitors and expats, and vice versa, are insightful and hysterical. Are all the stereotypes about Italians true? Are Italians really that lazy? Whether you’ve been in Italy for a day or a lifetime, you’ll be crying with laughter instead of just crying. And as you can tell from the title, the show might not start on time.

Francesco De Carlo is a regular fixture on the Italian comedy scene, hosting a daily radio show (Radio Globo), appearing on national television programmes (Rai, La7, Sky, Comedy Central) and performing regularly live across the country (Satiriasi, Cocktail Comedy Club, and Rome’s Comedy Club).

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