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"EmozioMano" is a creative route that finds its roots in the completely natural way that Italians tend to communicate feelings, sensations and emotions with their hands.

Dexterity and art have always constituted an essential bond of the Italian identity: from the Great Masters of the Renaissance to the Italian custom manufacturers, known on a worldwide scale for their quality and the added value of the product if it has an all Italian artistic content.

Hence the idea to join two arts: narration with sand designs and shadow play with hands, that manually express the perfect fundamental essence of the Italian artistic creation.

Gestual art is the heart of this captivating show that creates marvelous and suggestive evocations, where hands are the absolute and indisputable protagonists. The delicate sand designs are the work of Nadia Pretto and the Shadow play is the art of Simona and Carlo Truzzi.

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