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Aco Bocina started playing the guitar at nine, that is, as soon as he was able to handle one, and he went right away at his first music school. His artistic background develops and is still developing in his constant wandering around the world. His passion for mandolin first made him write music for this small – yet great – instrument and then play it. Still very young, he went all around Europe both as a soloist and as First Mandolin in a great orchestra.

The release of “Modern Mandolin”, his first album recorded and published in Germany in 1986, is soon followed by his decision to choose Italy as his new home. In this first production Aco offers the music he always based his career upon, that “Mediterranean Music”, a very broad concept, that he founded himself.

"From Balkans to Andalusia, from Islam to Greece. A musical cruise along Mediterranean seashores, following ancient courses plotted by Gipsies."[…]
(Umberto Savolini CORRIERE DEL TICINO)

This phrase describes in a very satisfying way Aco Bocina's music; in fact the artist draws on the endless creative heritage of Mediterranean culture, that he strictly binds to all that is handed down from origins of all tradition of East Europe; the influences, the way of life and thought of Balkanic culture tied to Tzigane and Arabian ones, from time immemorial amalgamated in the country where he is born.

Aco uses the music as means of diffusion of all the cultures he knows, either those follow him from the birth or those come from very far.

Listening again the different productions we can feel the deals he has changed in the course of life. In his concerts he has enough of jazz, blues or rock shades that amalgamated with the Mediterranean/Balkanic music form an explosive and matchless mix. Aco has always asserted that respecting and adopting the good that exist in every people culture, without intolerance and prejudices, we could live finally in peace.

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